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2015-03-13 Day 52 - Marathon to Revelstoke, extremely tired

I woke up early but somehow I was feeling good. When y ou expect something, in this case night in a tent and I had a possibility to spend it in a nice and warm place I was happy. You're always happy if you have more than you expected!

I was still feeling past days inside me so I started around noon. When leaving the resort I had a problem with my nose, I lost a lot of blood. It took like 10 minutes to stop bleeding! I supposed I was walking fast, but I knew all important points really well and I was dissapointed at some point when I saw a road sign, 29km to Revelstoke, I wish I have seen a lower number...

The day was nice and sunny, rain was not expected. There were a few hills, nothing special but deep inside me I knew I have to walk faster, no chances to arrive to Revelstoke before the night... Closer to the city I was extremely sscary, there were places with no shoulder! Around 6-10 bridges with no shoulder, 100m long and I had to run! I had to run to avoid an accident. And keep in mind that I was walking onthe Trans Canada!

I was facing dehydration. I had some water but at the rate I was drinking it was almost impossible to ddo a marathon and ressuply in Revelstoke. I have a water filter but the river was unaccessible at any place!

In the evening I arrived tired to the Ghost Town, there is a very expensive hotel but closed for a season. I wish I could get some water, but everything was closed with no exceptions. It was getting dark, still on Trans Canada and still some bridges, I had few dangerous situations were drivers had to stop!!!! Just imagine what would happen if there were a truck! I would be dead!

Still many kilometers and more hills to Revelstoke. Google maps shows that it is downhill, ha ha ha, it was really nice climbing and I was 10km from a city walking in a complete darkness. Mentally I was exhausted, there is a very strong feeling to camp outside a city, I felt also something like motivation to fight to be in a city, it would be really comfortable, water, food, warm bed. It was a difficult moment and I really wanted to stop, I was walking almost with tears in my eyes because of the pain in my legs! After a flu I started doing marathins just like that, I still didnt recover my voice and my throat!

I pushed myself to the limits. I saw few places I could camp, but I knew only few kilomwters from me there is a city! I think I saw lights but because of the terrain I saw it just before a city, 1km before. The night was dark as hell, really dangerous but at some point you care about 2 things - safety and keep walking.

I almost started to cry when I was crossing the bridge and on the other side I saw a city! Gas stations, motels, stores, mcdonald. I decided to rest there few moments. It was the only place I could eat something at that time, it was something like 10pm. my situation was difficult, I texted my grandfather in Poland, I needed support. Extreme support! I forced myself to eat a burger and drink coke, after such a day and a marathon I had to eat! My legs became stiff, I couldn't move!

At 11pm I decided to go to the motel for a night or 2, the closest places were Sandman and Best Western, but as I saw the prices I was shocked! The last place in this area, 89$, the cheapest but still to much! But they advised me to go to the motel, the cheapest place there only 5min of walk...

11:40pm, I arrived to the gas station and a motel nearby. All sort of problems, the room I received was not cleaned so I had to walk more, come on! Walking after such a long day? But I had to change the room, finally I did it! Clean and warm room, shower, nice bed.

I had some much things to do, at 1am I was tired but when I finished y duties it was 2 am, I was dead. BUT I DID IT! After so many kilometers, I pushed myself to the limits and instead of spending a night in a forest I pushed myself to the city!