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2015-03-11 Day 50 Marathon with flu, heading to Sicamous

After few days in 2 motels I decided I can't stay any longer in that place, to expensive and to difficult mentally, I got stuck and I forced myself to go and to do the progress in my walk. I was feeling good enough to walk but still having some flu, I didn't receoved my voice.

After small breakfast I prepared to go and finally I left the motel, the owners were very supportive for me, they gave me 1 night free and special price for the rest nights, thanks! It was not easy, the overall cost of the flu was tremendous!

So I started walking on Hwy 97, the begginning was difficult but after about 14km I arrived to the very small city, there were a store and a restaurant, I took a short brake. It was cold, I immediately put more clothes on me. I didn;t know what to do, I had 28km to Sicamous, to the city, it was early afternoon. I knew there is nothing on my way, I expected to camp somewhere there...

I was happy my map was wrong and I saw some places like a store and a gas station, at leat some civilisation. Some parts of the road was dangerous, no shoulder at all and the road was full of trucks!

It was getting darker, I still had 14km to go and I didn;t know if I made a good choice, but I was walking in a complete darkness, of course using my lights but I had some situations on this crazy road full of turns... I was so happy I arrived to the city, speed limit 50km/h and some lights.

Tha last few kilometers were extremely painfull, I was sick and I did a marathon, I was hungrry, generally in a bad shape... But the adventure was suppose to start soon...

At something like 10pm I arrived to the motel, because the night was cold and I had a flu I didn;t want to risk, it was the last city befre high mountains! After few minutes of negotiations I received special price for a night, so I went to the gas station to get cash, financial troubles, oh my gooooooooood. Very sad moments...

When I came back to that place, almost 11pm and I was happy, finally I could go to my room, at least I hoped I could go. The owner was the worst person I met, they asked for 200$ of deposit just in case. Come on!  I was dead and I decided to go somewhere else, but where??? I checked 3 other places, the last one I simply said "Here you have 50$ cash, is it fine?".

At midnight I entered my room, I was so happy I rreceived some food, muffins, bananas. I went to bed at 1:30 am and tomorrow I planned another difficult day, Rocky Mountains were supposed to start...

2015-03-11 Dzień 50 Maraton z grypą do Sicamous

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