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2015-03-01 Day 40 From Peachland to Kelowna

Another beautiful day, only 25km to walk from Peachland to Kelowna. Few days ago I was picked up and I stated from the exact ssame spot! I was walking with a companion for the first time! Mr Bogdan decided to walk with me, we made an experiment that day, ssomething I didn't expect!

The deal was easy, we don't talk to each other, we don't focus on the surroundings, we just walk. The idea was to register in your brain that you are walking next to the lake, that you see mountains but not to think about them! I can tell you I've been doing that for many days but with someone it's differrent!

It was a great try, silent is extremely useful, it's good to feel comfortable and just be wwalk with another person.

We arrived to downtown Kelowna in the evening, I had serious problems as my clothes from Brubeck get wet because of warm and humid weather, I hurt my egs so much that every step was painfull.... Somehow I did it but in the evening my kin was red-brown in that place with some serious skin dammage!

I was picked up by another polish familly, great place to live, Kelowna is nice!

I was drinking beer and watching hockey that night, I feel 100% Canadian!

2015-03-01 Dzień 40 Z Peachland do Kelowny

Pracuję nad tym :)