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2015-02-27 Day 38 Polish School in Kelowna

After a restfull night I felt very good and finally relaxed after difficult mountains. Today I received an invitation to Polish School in Kelowna, but before I met with school director and we were going around the city to see some interesting places, the best one was the view from the burnt mountain, check the photo!

Fast dinner and we went to school. Polish school in Kelowna has only 2 classrooms at the moment and it's rented in the actual school building, there are not many kids right now but hopefully next years will be better!

There were like 7 kids there so we were talking mostly around the table, I was answering questions, starrting from basic one to more interesing. I had a possibility to show some of my equipment and kids were impressed, everybody was impressed!

Another great day and I was picked up by another polish familly, they have house at the lake front! just imagine living next to Okanagan Lake!

2015-02-27 Dzień 38 Polska szkoła w Kelownie

Pracuję nad tym :)