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2015-02-22 Day 33 Leaving Princeton

After some relax in Princeton, good dinners, relaxing sleep I decided to move forward. The next stop was planned in Kelowna. As I was leaving Princeton I went to the store just to ressuply and I was walking on Old Princeton Summerland Road.

At the begginning it was not easy, I was climbing several hundred meters. My heavy backpack and pain in my legs, oggghhh. I had a choice, I could choose between Trans Canada Trail or the road, but the trail was covered partially with snow, it was more reasonable to walk on a road.

I was walking and walking and as I predicted there were many houses and farms around, I felt safe. At some point I was in the area that there were no land to put my tent, I had some troubles with that. I decided to walk a few more kilometers in the dark and I saw... a fire station!

I decided to put my tent on their terrain as it was flat, there were some lights and if was the only place not covered with snow! The night was cold but in my sleeping bag I felt comfortable.

2015-02-22 Dzień 33 Wychodzę z Princeton

Pracuję nad tym :)